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For Affiliate Marketers Looking For The Solution To Their Traffic Problems...
How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch
Without Spending A Dime On Traffic, Using Beginner-Friendly Strategies...
There's Only One Thing You Need As An Affiliate...
But where do you get traffic...especially traffic that CONVERTS?

What if you're started out on a small budget and don't have money for ads?

What if you don't even know where to start, or what to promote?
Here's The Truth: Most Traffic Strategies You Hear About WON'T Work For Affiliate Marketing...
If you're doing affiliate marketing, you can't play by the same rules as MOST marketing advice out there. 
Most Ad Platforms Won't Allow Your Affiliate Ads

Have you ever tried to just go run a Facebook Ad to an affiliate product? Did you get so excited, see the potential...see all the dots "line up" in front of you...and eagerly create your ad, put up your money...and submit everything...

Just to have your Ads DISSAPROVED, REJECTED? Or even worse...get your entire account SUSPENDED or even BANNED? 

If You Don't Know What You're Doing, You Can Waste Time, Energy, and Your Hard Earned Cash on Traffic Methods That Will NEVER Work For Making Affiliate Commissions

The worst part about getting your hopes up and trying these strategies is the amount of time and effort, and maybe even money you have to invest...just to find out that you've been lead to a DEAD END and you have to start all over again, having nothing to show.  

For Most People, One Or Two Of These Experiences Are Enough To Make Them Give Up On Their Dreams of The "Affiliate Lifestyle" Forever...And It Almost Made Me Give Up Too.

We all get into the affiliate marketing world because we dream of a better life. Lifestyle Freedom. Travel. Passive Income. Building a real, high leverage business. But enough frustrations and failures will make anyone want to give up. 
I Almost Gave Up Too...Until I FINALLY Discovered 3 "Affiliate Friendly" Traffic Methods That Work Consistently...What I Call The "3 Free Traffic Pillars"
And Best Of All? These 3 Traffic Pillars Are:

1) Totally Free To Get Started
2) 100% Passive And Automated Once You Get Them To "Critical Velocity"
3) UNLIMITED - aka there is no end to how much traffic they can bring you every single day, and they only grow over time. 
It took me a long time of trial and error...

Buying lots of expensive training courses...

But I finally discovered the 3 Traffic Methods that are affiliate friendly, beginner friendly, and have UNLIMITED potential to promote any and all affiliate offers, in all niches and industries...

And best of all? None of Them Require Spending Money On Ads. You can literally start on all of them with a budget of Zero Dollars.

And Now I'm On A Mission To Share These Traffic Methods With Other People Like Me!
Why I Was Desperate For A Solution To The "Affiliate Traffic Problem"...
After Getting Account After Account Banned or Suspended, And Having NOTHING To Show For My Efforts...I Decided I Needed To Find A Solution To This Traffic Problem Once and For All
When I first started looking for a solution to the "Affiliate Traffic Problem", I quickly became very discouraged. 

I was so confused by all of the methods that were being shown everywhere...

Paid Traffic?
Solo Ads?
Free Traffic?
Google Ads?
Bing Ads?
Groups? Fan Pages?
Chat Bots?

I got so overwhelmed, I spent thousands in training courses, and I tried many solutions that created more dead ends. 

I would spend days, or even WEEKS working on something and have very few results to show for it. No clicks, no sales, no leads, no nothing. 

Then, I tried ONE method that actually started to get a trickle of traffic!

I couldn't believe it...and I had spent ZERO dollars in ads to bring it in...

Then, it started to build...and build...

The trickle became a stream...then the stream became a flood!
Clicks, Leads, Sales and Commissions Started Pouring In!
I Wasted A LOT of time worrying about things like...

- What offer should I promote?
- What network should I choose
- Do I need an email list?
- Should I promote amazon, clickbank, or max bounty products?
- Should I promote Clickfunnels? Builderall? A Million Other products out there?

Here's what I found...

As an affiliate marketer, there is only one thing you need to figure out. 

And That ONE thing answers ALL of these other questions. 

The Question? 

How Do I Get Traffic? Because...
When You Have Traffic...You Can Sell Anything. Period.
"The Nomad" Brad
Hi I'm Brad. 

My friends call me "The Nomad" because I love to travel. I love working online whenever I feel like it, and teaching others to be able to do the same.  

I dreamed of being an affiliate marketer for many years, but before I discovered a solution to the "Affiliate Traffic Problem" I was worried that I'd never achieve it. 

Now, I am fortunate to have 3 powerful streams of traffic coming into my business, adding leads to my lists, clicks to my affiliate offers, and sales to my promoted offers daily. 
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Had Predictable, Passive Streams of Traffic Bringing In Affiliate Commissions?
Would You Put Your Alarm Clock Away Forever?
With The Freedom to choose when to work, when to wake up, and when to take as many breaks or as long of a break as you want...

What could you do with your time?
Would You Take A Much Needed Vacation? Or Even Start To Be A Bit of a "Nomad" Yourself and Travel The World?
Life Can Be Pretty Amazing When You Wake Up To Automated Traffic, Clicks, Leads, Sales And Commissions...
All From FREE Traffic!
Daily Email Subscribers!
The Nomad Affiliate Academy!
The Step By Step System To Generating Free, Unlimited Traffic from 3 of the most affiliate friendly, beginner friendly, and 100% FREE traffic sources to ANY affiliate program, offer or niche

Here's What You Get Today Inside The Nomad Affiliate Academy Membership Area...
Traffic Module #1: The Infinite Youtube Traffic Blueprint
($97 Value)
Youtube is an amazing traffic source for affiliates. It's the perfect medium to generate traffic fast, and it grows steadily every single day. 

After following the simple step by step directions in this module, you will have a youtube channel that will provide an infinite amount of traffic for years to come to grow your affiliate business, build a list, or sell your own digital products. 
Traffic Module #2: The Infinite Facebook Traffic Blueprint
($97 Value)
Facebook has most of the world's traffic. Nearly all of your potential customers are on facebook daily, and there's just a couple tricks that will allow you to siphon them into your traffic engine and send them to your affiliate offers. 

After completing this module you will have another infinite traffic engine that will grow daily with minimal input on your part. And it's repeatable in any niche. 
Traffic Module #3: The Infinite SEO Traffic Blueprint
($97 Value)
SEO: The secret traffic source to some of the world's biggest "Super" affiliates. The problem? Almost all advice about SEO makes it seem like you might have to wait YEARS to get any real traffic. Not this method. This method can shave months off the expected time to get traffic to your blog, by leveraging a couple simple "keyword hacks"...but 100% white hat and legitimate strategies (nothing shady here). 

After completing this module you will know how to shortcut that process by targeting the low-competition keywords that nobody else is targeting...and then redirecting those clicks to your affiliate offers!
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Affiliate Traffic Bonus #1
24/7 Access To The Members-Only Private Facebook Group

To make sure you get your traffic assets set up correctly and get continued help, you're getting access to a private members-only facebook group where I will personally answer your questions. 

Ask questions, get feedback, feel supported.

You can submit your youtube, facebook, and seo to the group for feedback and help developing the best strategies for maximum traffic and sales. 
($497 Value)
Affiliate Traffic Bonus #2
"The Vault" - Proven High Converting Affiliate Offers PLUS Dozens of Done For You Affiliate Funnels, Templates & Scripts

Discover some of the highest converting offers in dozens of niches, complete with done-for-you high converting funnels, landing pages, and email templates. 

I'm adding to the vault constantly!
($197 Value)
Affiliate Traffic Bonus #3
The Affiliate Email Explosion Blueprint

Take all of this traffic and turn it into the most valuable asset in all of affiliate marketing...

An Email list of hungry buyers that will come back and buy over and over again!

Email for affiliates is a slightly different game, learn how to build a powerful list from all 3 of your free traffic pillars in this exclusive bonus module. 
($197 Value)
Solve The "Affiliate Traffic Problem" forever...Don't rely on the good grace of google or facebook for your traffic...take advantage of over $1,000 in value for the extreme discount!
WARNING: Deal available On This Page ONLY
limited time offer!
100% Bullet-Proof Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don't get the results you hope for, or simply don't like the program for any reason at all, simply send me an email within 30 days and I'll gladly refund every penny. No Questions Asked.
It's Finally Time For You To....
Take Traffic Into Your Own Hands
Don't stress or worry about HOW you'll get traffic and sell affiliate products. 

Instead, think about HOW MUCH traffic you want to get, and HOW MANY products you want to sell. 

Remember all you need is Traffic, and the rest will handle itself...

- "The Nomad" Brad
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • Infinite Youtube Traffic Blueprint #1 ($97 Value)
  • ​Infinite SEO Traffic Blueprint ($97 Value)
  • ​Infinite Facebook Traffic Blueprint ($97 Value)
  • 24/7 ​Private Members-Only Facebook Access ($497 Value)
  • ​"The Vault" - Proven Offers, Scripts, and Templates ($197 Value)
  • ​The Affiliate Email Explosion Blueprint ($197 Value)
Total Value: $1,182
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $47
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